From Concept to Manufacturing

BeGC, From the Study Through To Completion
Step N°1. the RFQ / list of specifications
Step N°1 - First we receive the list of specifications / RFQ.

First we receive the list of specifications. If you don’t have the specifications we can help you define them in partnership with your client. Visit our website to better understand this process and our client interface.

Step N°2 - a Pre-Project (PP)
It gives the client an idea of a technical solution

a Pre-Project (PP), enables us to design the main principles of the machine, prototype, etc. It gives the client an idea of a technical solution and enables us to come up with realistic costs. It is useful for us, but it is also a tool that helps the client to make an informed decision. We can also then set up a preliminary schedule.

Step N°3 - Costing / Quotation

Costing of commercial components and parts to be produced. It's the best way to present a first timing. We deliver the official quotation, as soon as we find agreement, the Purchasing Order is sent.

Step N°4 - Concept Acceptance
Studies and drawings, complete studies

Studies and drawings, complete studies, 3D modelling, 2D drawings, bill of materials and integration into digital systems.

Step N°5 - Production of the machine

Production of the machine, tooling, etc. (assembly, electric cabling, electrical cabinet , automation, robot programming etc.)

Step N°6 - Development of the machine

Development of the machine

Step N°7 - First Acceptance

FAT / Acceptance of the machine in our workshop with the client.

Step N°8 - Final fine-tuning

Final adjustments of the machine.

Step N°9 - The machine is delivered

The machine is delivered, installed and operators are trained.

Step N°10 - Completion

Completion Signing off of the project. Final acceptance

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